JLSF Current Project - Avera Home for Hope

Junior League of Sioux Falls has committed to donating $25,000 toward the restoration of a patient room at Home for Hope. In addition, Junior League will collaborate with Avera to design a child’s play area within the facility. JLSF will supply furniture, an area rug, games, books, toys, clothes and a couple iPads, up to $5,000.

The Junior League of Sioux Falls exists to ensure that women, children, and elderly have opportunities and service essential for optimal physical, intellectual, emotional, mental and social growth.  Providing a children’s play area and clothing closet for the Home for Hope project is what the league was designed for. This project will make a major impact on our community and help those less fortunate find a safe place to stay while a loved is in the hospital. This will lift financial burdens from many families. This project will give JLSF many opportunities to engage families and children.

Goal: $30,000
Percent of Goal 15%