EmBe Women's Leadership Program

EmBe Women's Leadership Program

The focus of the Women’s Leadership Program, a service project of Junior League of Sioux Falls, is to use the personal experiences and skills of volunteer mentors to educate and inspire the protégés. During a two-day retreat and six sessions (January through April), the participants (protégés) developed an individual success plan that included personal and professional goals and ways to achieve them.

In May, a mentor will be matched with each participant, after the sessions are completed. The mentor will help guide and support her protege through the implementation of her Personal Development Plan. The program is open to women of all ages who are interested in progressing to the next level of personal and professional development.

  • The 2015 class included: Christie Aberson, Teri Bergeleen, Michelle Booze, Lynn Boyd, Elizabeth Broekemeier, Elizabeth Burns, Elizabeth Carlson, Kristin Cooke, Tami Kielman Daly, Amanda Engel, Megan Fischer, Lauren Fosheim, Jacque Frick, Candi Gearman, Patti Hawkey, Laura Jackson, Kjersten Joachim, Betzi Johnson, Hannah Kuelbs, Steffanie Liston-Holtrop, Brenda Moore, Erin Nielsen Ogdahl, Holly Olsen, Jessie Park and Angela Shaw.
  • The 2014 class included: Heather Carlson, Jennifer Disburg, Kayla Eitreim, Char Fiegen, Kendra Gottsleben, Jessica Grams, Desirae Hovdestad, Carrie Jaeger, Anna Johnson, Trish Johnson, Brittany Kelley, Aimee House Ladonski, Tina Lemieux, Karla Lundell, Karen Mutschelknaus, Angela Nusser, Jennie Patrick, Joanna Qualm, Amy Ripley, Alicia Schumacher, Stacy Stahl, Carolyn Thurman, Nicole Townswick, Sarah Werner and Andrea Wisdorf.

Mission: To facilitate the development of emerging female leaders by utilizing the experiencesand skills of established women to extend a hand-up to young women who will follow.

Designed by leaders in the community, the EmBe Women’s Leadership Program helps empower women to reach their greatest potential. This unique program is the first of its kind in the area, and features:

  • Developing women leaders to have greater organizational and community impact
  • Personal and professional development
  • Facilitated learning opportunities and discussions led by experienced community leaders
  • Guided development of a Personal Success Plan
  • 12-Month Mentorship to support plan implementation
  • Ongoing networking opportunities

For more information on the program, go to www.embe.org/leadership or contact Erin Bosch, Director of Women’s Leadership, at EmBe (605.336.3660).

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